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What is Lightning Protection for Aircraft Warning Lights

April 18, 2020

Latest company news about What is Lightning Protection for Aircraft Warning Lights

The aircraft warning light are installed at the top of high buildings or towers where thunderstorms occur and is more susceptible to lightning strikes, thus causing irreversible damage to the lamps. So the design of lightning protection is essential for aviation obstruction lights.

This design is to add anti-surge devices to the lamps themselves to achieve the effect of resisting small lightning strikes. Large-scale lightning need to be eliminated by externally connecting the ground wire of the surge protection device or other more professional lightning protection methods. A simple anti-surge device cannot completely eliminate the damage caused by large lightning to the lamp.

In places where lightning strikes occur frequently, it cannot rely solely on the surge protection device that comes with the lamp itself for lightning protection. It should additionally install a professional lightning protection device to avoid more serious damage to the lamp caused by large lightning and also the building itself must have reliable grounding measures.

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