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Company news about FAA L810 Low Intensity Aviation Obstruction Light

FAA L810 Low Intensity Aviation Obstruction Light


Latest company news about FAA L810 Low Intensity Aviation Obstruction Light

This Low-intensity light is a steady burning aviation obstruction light designed for marking top of obstacle that do not exceed 45 meters in height.


Compliance: ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1, Seventh edition, 2016, table 6-1, table 6-2 Low Intensity Type A / B / E Obstruction Light

               FAA L-810



3 high power CREE LED, make sure LED keep bright while use

Power supply in DC(48V)& AC(110-240VAC), the light could work normally when input 48VDC/110VAC/240VAC


Bird deterrent spike on top

Unique designed PMMA lens for converging light and good transparency

High translucency and anti-UV polycarbonate cover could use 3-5years without yellowing

UV protection Powder coated bright yellow color base make better visibility and also long life in harsh environments()

Base material is die casting aluminum which has strong corrosion resistance, Shock and Vibrations protection

3/4inch thread hole make pole installation easy

Safety chain connected with base, the PCB won’t fall while installation

No screw fix type - just twist, the cover will be fixed tightly

System design

Built-in photocell for day/night operation(dusk to dawn operation, automatically turn on when background luminance is below 50cd/m2

Steady/20FPM/30FPM/60FPM DIP switches on PCB

Surge and lightning protection


Alarm contact(NO COM NC)for remote monitoring

Infrared LED for pilot using NVG



 AH-LI-B2 low-intensity light could be used alone on the top of the High-rise Building, High Chimney, marking towers (Telecom, GSM, Microwave & TV), High Pole, Tower Crane, Wind Turbine, etc when the height is lower than 45m.When obstacle object is higher than 45m, AH-LI/B2 can be used with Medium-intensity or high-intensity obstruction light to indicate hazardous obstructions with a steady red safety light.


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